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Quote of the Month: On National ID Cards… and Jeff Jonas too

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The Ideal Government Project

“Indeed, and pigs with ID cards will be able to fly, farting freedom and excreting freshly printed banknotes over ecstatic UK taxpayers as they go.”

I met William Heath for the first time this week, I joined him and Jeff Jonas for beers in Bloomsbury. William is one of the sharpest guys in the space where media and consulting meet the UK public sector through his company Kablenet.

Jeff Jonas is the guy that has turned entity-based thin slicing into a technical approach that could turn the whole identity/privacy on his head. He works at IBM and his blog rocks. You know when casinos catch fraudsters in Las Vegas – Jeff’s company in many cases wrote the software that caught them. Non-obvious relationships indeed.

As monkchips readers will know I am a harsh critic of UK national identity card plans. Both guys have crucial insights on the subject.

Jeff knows what works and what doesn’t, while William refuses to just throw stones, but instead tries to engage with the wingnuts driving much of UK central government IT.

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