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Happy Sysadmin Day

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Boing Boing: Happy Sysadmins’ day, Ken!

Apparently. So thank you chaps for keeping the world running… although you might want to try a new tool every now and then.

Updated: I just got an email from Chris Fucanan at ATOMIC PR. He pointed out: rather than just celebrating, why not try nominating. That is, Splunk, SourceForge.net, Digg, NaSPA (the Network and Systems Professionals Association), LOPSA (the League of Professional System Administrators), USENIX/SAGE, and Bawls Guarana are running a Sysadmin of th year competition. So please nominate your favourite sysadmin here.

“Bawls Guarana” – is that for when you’re up against the wall?

If you do nominate someone please let me know, I always like to hear a good IT support story. Good idea from the folks aforementioned. James Mc and Scott Mark – I am sure you know some great people that deserve a nomination.


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