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Write up of the Computer Associates Industry Analyst Symposium 2006 Day One

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Its not that the event has been content free but apparently I can’t share anything I have learned. Its all confidential unless I jump through a load of permission hoops. Sorry folks. Sorry CA: you actually ran a good event today, with compelling content. Oh well.


  1. Sounds to me like it WAS content-free (or should that be content-closed?) …

  2. Tragic… You know how much the embargo/NDA stuff drives me nuts…

  3. Are you trying to say that CA is taking one step too far with its NDA? What guidelines AR professionals should apply?

  4. great question ARonaut- my take is just make NDA what is a trade secret – make everything fair game except that which is identifed otherwise. if someone says something they shouldnt then politely ask the group to respect the secret. at last year’s event CA’s CEO let slip the company’s next acquisition target – there was nary a peep from the assembled analyst throng…

  5. So, seriously, does CA actually sell products that people buy? Or do they tag on huge line items to existing support contracts?

  6. harsh words mr stiennon.

    to be fair to CA they do have some pretty solid products in a number of spaces. historically where they fixated on maintenance? It was certainly core to the portfolio M&A business model.

    But CA is winning new license customers for many of its software lines-and is actually more aggressive about not recognising software revenues under GAAP than many other firms. the market is really very different from the mainframe tools era.

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