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MyBlogLog: that’s really lame, folks

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Privacy Statement – MyBlogLog Communities

I saw Fred Wilson using MyBlogLog so I thought I would give the service a go. In the Google era our personal details are considered to have no value. Ah why bother with a privacy policy.

I may play with the service if they at least make a minor effort to policy. How can you offer a service that aggregates personal online social identiy information and not even bother to create a privacy statement. That’s lame, alpha version or not. Come on guys – lose the placeholder.


  1. James,
    Thanks for holding our feet to the fire when we screw up. Any particular thing that you’d like to see included that might not be obvious to us?

    P.S. I’m CEO, we don’t have a staff roster posted either….

  2. James,
    In all fairness to Scott, the Communities service is very much a beta (as opposed to a Google permabeta).

  3. Your Trackback is disabled 🙁

    I was reading James’ blog last night after getting home from a nightmare of a journy on the German Bahn and couldn’t sleep, anyway I saw this entry for MyBlogLog, I’ve seen it a few other places and based on what James wrote I of course had to ta …

  4. I appreciate that Jeff- but the fact is the people in the beta probably have MORE, not less, valuable contact information. they are self-selecting alpha users. Would you or Fred Wilson want your details, and perhaps even those of your, contacts sold to a third party? I think not.

    I emailed Scott about it. I appreciate he got back to me, but I don’t really think he is giving the issue enough attention. Privacy is an afterthought in this beta, where I think it should be front and center. I don’t buy the privacy is dead line that many trot out. I think declarative living means we need more, not less, ability to withdraw our information from a service like this when we feel like it. As Simon Phipps puts it – freedom to leave. As I said a reasonable placeholder would be we will not sell or use the data of those in the beta program. when the service goes live we may change to policy and will inform our users.

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