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Ovum Acquires Summit Strategies

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ARmadgeddon: Ovum targets vendors

Ovum just acquired Summit Strategies.

Makes sense I think. Dwight Davis is very smart, good guy and I respect him a lot. I would share one of my one-to-ones at a show with him….

Summit never made any apologies for making money from vendors- its what the company does, which is one reason I respect the firm. Its a mode I have also adopted. Don’t expect me to apologise for the fact Charles Schwab is not a client while IBM is,

Summit is transparent and declarative. When you read a Summit report you know what you’re getting. We’ll see how that works at Ovum.

Basically Ovum just acquired some great stateside Big Vendor relationships and should be able to point their able European analysts at the clients to make more consulting dollars. I see even more airmiles in Gary Barnett’s future, and Bola too.

Ovum is shifting from its tree-felling business model into something services and digital content-based. I wish the company well in the post-250 page report era.

I also hope Dwight got a fat pay check in the deal. I haven’t really parsed the numbers – paying $1.2m for 1.9m of total revenues. But I expect the Summit team to take care of business.

Finally its interesting to see European analyst firms bulking up for the ongoing battle with Gartner.


  1. Gotta love those Airmiles mr G. And you know how we at Ovum love trees.

  2. yes you are a tree eater

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