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Open Source Analysis and Open Gardens

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Open Gardens: Opengardens, walled gardens and mobile web 2.0

I hadn’t thought of RedMonk as an “open garden” before. But that is of course what we are, unlike the Walled Gardens of most of our competitors. If developers, operators or anyone else wants to come and wander around you’re more than welcome. There is plenty of great content – mostly over at People Over Process and tecosystems.

However other analyst open gardens are emerging too. Alex Fletcher is beginning to push the narrative, in pieces such as this one and this one.

Note to Alex: you are in good company. Note to everyone else- Alex is trying to establish a new analyst firm only examining open source technologies. Why not go and give him some encouragement in the form of comments…

Stephen on blog-based analysis – Not Such a Silly Idea Any More. Or Open Source, Meet RedMonk. RedMonk, Meet Open Source

Me on the industry analyst business as a protection racket: Things To Do in the Analyst Business When you are Dead.


  1. Many of us seriously appreciate the open gardens you guys tend – keep it up!

  2. The move towards open processes, people-centric technology, and just plain open exchange across all kinds of barriers is definitely in the air. And you’re right on the money that there are more than a handful of industry analysts who understand this and are walking the walk as proof.

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