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Take That, Linux on Mainframe Doubters

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Customers make the best evangelists.

Interesting example of declarative living, and conversational marketing, reaching the mainframe market. An IBM zSeries customer comes out fighting on mainframe blog, explaining what makes the platform a valid choice for Linux serving…. and why Oracle looked too expensive. If you don’t think the numbers add up you can explain why over at the blog. If you do why not have your say?

Jim Marshall, of the Office of Personnel Management, U.S.A. Federal Government:

“Using Oracle in this would driven the numbers sky high for it is $40K per processor. Thus on the IFL it is $40K and on Intel it would be $200K and that premised 1-engine Intel machines. So I used the DB2 solution for the comparison. In the end the z-Solution was about $240K and the Intel solution was $840K.

As an aside, remember I kept the Intel side of the costs very, very low as possible and the zSeries side I bought Linux with full 24/7 Support. Thus my gut says the number in the Intel side is closer to about $1M+ if one factors in support, increasing the speed of the connections for Switches and Firewalls plus including support for their software and upgrades. The beauty of z/VM is getting all the V-Lans, V-Routers, and V-Firewalls you want for nothing and then all that “V-Cabling” running at memory speeds and also Hypersockets for LPAR connections.”

disclaimer: the IBM mainframe folks are customers.

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