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The Aftershave Stench of Hazelnut Flavored Coffee

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I am in Raleigh this week … at Churbuck.com

Why business travel sucks – has anyone said it better?


  1. And, don’t you just love when you go some place working, on a very tight schedule and you spend all your time working in a closed room and get out so tired that you go straight to bed and, when you get back you have to justify to everyone that you saw nothing of the place you’ve been into?
    That’s my personal favorite

  2. yes truly wonderful jaime. everyone always thinks you must have checked out the local scenery…

  3. I once ran into Bamber Gascoigne at Heathrow. It turned out we were on the same flight to Barcelona – me for work, him for culture. Learning that I’d been there a few times before, he asked what I thought of the Sagrada Familia. I had to admit I had never made it that far from the office. How about the Gaudi buildings? Nope – sorry… seen a couple from the outside, but never been in. Oh well, how about the Miro exhibition? Afraid not.

    This taxed even his urbanity. After a moment’s thought, he made one final attempt, pitching at what he clearly thought was my level: “So, how much should the cab into town cost from the airport?”

    I have seldom felt like such a philistine.

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