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On Powershell and why Cote is going to be one of the best in the business

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People Over Process: TechEd 2006: PowerShell, or, A Cure for All Your Right-Click Admin Nightmares

Cote is getting stronger by the day. This quick post about the Microsoft PowerShell llustrates many of his virtues. You want to know what the PowerShell is and why its important? Cote will give you some good pointers.

Jon Udell noted the potential importance and all round coolness of the new shell a while ago.

Cote obviously has a way to go before I can confidently call him Udell class, but the range of his skills is compelling, and I do see him as a Udell in the making. Cote is a renaissance man, which is what you need in a renaissance era, where interdiscipline is crucial.

My two cents on Monad- Udell and Cote are both right about the potential for the software to change the world of windows management pretty substantially. I would just amplify Cote’s point about no-click admins. The most exciting thing about the PowerShell is that this will be a view source revolution, with people working out new ways, collaboratively, to work with Windows internals in server environments.

The Windows MOM stuff is cool and all – but it could be be that a more fundamental revolution in Windows management will be driven by a simple scriping environment. Systems management, as Microsoft has taken far too long to understand, is really all about the command line. Or as Mr Monad Jeffrey Snover might put it: “Giving the right set of tools to the community is like pouring gasoline on a fire – big things happen fast.”

His blog his here.

And if you want to know what he looks like, and what a great break dancer he evidently is – go read Tom’s Hardware on the subject.

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