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On National Health and Government Insanity

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The Ideal Government Project

Why does the UK government dislike expert advice so much? The National Executive loves consultants, and pours money into their pockets at an astounding rate.. .but doesn’t seem to like expertise or practioner-led advice. I can’t really understand the thinking. Its another form of faith-based government.

The government is about to get slammed for the NHS project management.

Isn’t it supposted to a definition of insanity doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results? That is central government IT.

the bloomberg story certainly indicates Blair is having more of his interesting relationship with the truth: “The I.T. system, which is absolutely essential, is on budget,” Blair told reporters in Brussels, where he was attending a meeting of European Union government heads. “We’re actually gaining efficiency through it, and it’s well managed.”

Sorry folks- the politics is back. Or maybe I am just talking about IT business alignment. Big Bang projects rarely work but chief execs can’t admit mistakes… its a toxic combination.

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