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Gartner’s Blogs Are… OK. Competing with Google

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Gartner appears to have rebooted its blogging efforts. I must admit I was very surprised Gartner when I heard won a Webby People’s Choice award for its blogs. There are plenty of great analyst blogs out there now, but I couldnt’ think of a single must read Gartner analyst. That could be set to change, winning awards is a great carrot, which would be goodness for everyone. A more accessible Gartner, iike a more accessible Microsoft, is good for the industry.

I would recommend the Vista blog. It seems to his the right issues, is updates regularly, and concerns a technology that’s going to affect pretty much all IT shops.

the EU Expansion blog is potentially interesting but hasn’t been updated for two years.

so Gartner blogs. the People’s choice.

As Barbara from Tekrati says its not just about blogging, especially now everyone is doing it. What matters is decent analysis.

If I were Gartner I would heed her advice and start to provide some open data that bloggers could use to mashup and so on, creating interesting visualisations, and new information flows and market conversations. Google competes with Gartner in the world Barbara describes, which creates some intriguing dynamics.


  1. Do you really think that Gartner will do blogging with integrity? They will more than likely think of blogging as a one way communication channel. I will give $100 to a charity of mutual agreement if Gartner blogs have BOTH trackback and commenting enabled…

  2. I believe the surprise sensation, “Gartnerblogs – Rise from the Dead”, is primarily credited to Meredith Stark. Ms. Stark, caught for time in the infamous infinitely revolving door, emerged fully once again on the inside of the company. (Many seem trapped half-in/half-out, but that’s another story.) During her watch, Gartner analysts have been posting to their company blogs — which, you must admit, is a huge step forward. No trackbacks, so no bets, James. But, comments and RSS are working. On top of regular posts, that’s almost like cheese and dessert.

    For me, the Long Memory outranks the Long Tail. Gartner company blogs are a wait and see situation. I would be very surprised to see Gartner lead RAS innovation in this area.

  3. great points Barb. to be honest i was pretty chastened with the amnount of comments on many of the posts. i can’t out of hand criticise something generating a conversation like that…

    Will Gartner lead the way? No – but will it respond to changes. undoubtedly.

    all i was really saying James was – there is some good content there and people are reading it. no claims about “blogging with integrity” per se

  4. Hey Barb,
    I just had to laugh at this statement of yours
    “Ms. Stark, caught for time in the infamous infinitely revolving door, emerged fully once again on the inside of the company”
    Whaddaya think now then? MS Stark plus many others made a fortune out of that revolving door. Fortunately the big boss recognised it and has put a stop to that little caper….and MS never made it on the inside.

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