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Sun’s Open Source efforts gets a boost: Simon Says

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Simon Phipps is the very model of a tech evangelist. I remember him wandering around in a black polo neck trying to get IBMers, and then outsiders, to realise the sigificance of this weird Java thing, nearly ten years ago. The problem with Simon is he likes DRM encumbered music services but if I keep bashing him maybe he’ll give Apple the bump.

Simon’s get it quotient is ludicrously high but I have often wondered why Sun didn’t use him more effectively, in terms of internal and external marketing efforts. I have suggested a guerilla team to shake the trees in the past.

While Simon has undoubtedly done good things in his titular role of Chief Open Source Officer I now hear that he is getting some budget and joining the darkside- no not Microsoft… marketing.

It looks like the new software management team, led by Rich Green, with able help from another prodigal alumni, software marketing head, Peder Ulander, is beginning to make some interesting changes. Guys – where are your blogs?

Expect Simon and a small team to get started aggressively pushing Sun’s new stuff, Phobos and so on. Dave Johnson has a new partner in crime, with a budget.

Not bad news on the first anniversary of open sourcing Solaris.

disclaimers: Sun is a client, and I didn’t hear this news from Simon

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  1. “Likes” is an overstatement. “Is willing to tolerate for now” is closer – I would never use the Windows Media stuff, that’s just beyond the pale.

    And thanks for the leak, I suppose I’d better blog about it now!

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