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Never mind podtech and OM, TechCrunch Got Marshall

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While world and dog are talking about Robert (no longer a Microsoft blogger) Scoble and Om (just call me MSM) Malik, I note that it seems Michael Arrington’s TechCrunch just hired their own blog heavy hitter. If you don’t know Marshall Kirkpatrick you don’t know what’s going on in lighweight web and collaboration tools. His blog is just fantastic, and I actually think he’s going to bring a new level of analytical thinking to TechCrunch. Arrington is all about the New New Thing. Marshall, from what i can see, is a bit more contextual.

This definitely looks like 1+1=5 though. Michael can concentrate on being the hottest property in Web 2.0 coverage and deal-making, while Marshall backfills on the content side. TechCrunch now has a great business development guy, and a great content development guy. What’s the betting MSN buys Techpod in 18 months anyway.

Its all good.

Oh yeah – Scoble did the right thing. And i think its actually good for Microsoft. Lop off the short head, allow the Long Tail of Microsoft blogs to really shine. What Ed Brill said.


  1. Thanks for the kind words James! We’ll see what it all ends up looking like, but your support is much appreciated. Hope I can live up to such high expectations!

  2. You will be great. so when is the rest of the blogosphere going to catch up?

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