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On four days on downtime, firing 1&1, three redmonkers in one place, media friendzy, and the latest RedMonk Radio episode

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Ah yes its wonderful to lose a primary communications channel for four days. We’re now going to fire 1&1. Massive apologies to anyone that has tried to leave a comment… no MySQL no interactivity.

Sod’s law I guess. Businessweek online and InformationWeek both run stories about you, and so your server of course crashes immediately. Still at least we could still serve HTML. That’s a very small silver lining.

Have you seen all the RedMonky’s together before? Here we are.

And if you missed us here is the latest issue of RedMonk Radio: Debian in Mexico, UK Innovation, Debian, WS-Kool-Aid, Bears with Pants… we talk about "Debian, Web Service Kool-aid, toads driving cars, and other exciting topics".

Welcome to any new readers, and I hope our intermittency didn’t put you off. I guess we need to be more enterprisey…

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  1. Was wondering what had happened. Welcome back, and good rddance 1&1!

  2. Hi,

    I’m completely new to blogging and it’s fantastic!

    I’ve just set-up my new blog on blogger. Can’t wait to start.


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