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Come along to Rich Internet Adobe Event Next Week

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Now Adobe has acquired Macromedia its becoming increasingly developer-friendly. Its not just about documents and processes any more. Adobe Flex is going to be an important AJAX building mechanism, and the product manager Ben Watson will be moderating a panel next week. I will be on the panel.

It should be fun I hope. Details for registration are here, if you’re interested.

Its in London next Wednesday…


  1. Every time someone mentions Adobe, I think the first thing that cames to everyone’s mind is the Acrobat Reader. Yes, I know that “there is more than the reader” but, it’s by far their most popular product.

    Do you think they are concerned with the decrease in popularity of the Acrobat Reader and the pdf format? I don’t know if this is just my perception but, everyone I know thinks that the last fair version of Acroread was version 3 and that, since then, it has became bloated with useless features, heavy and heavier (and got entitled to the “pdf warning” from your colleague).
    Do you care to comment? Do you think you’ll have a chance to ask Ben Watson what he thinks of this?

  2. Hello James,
    nice to have you back again. I would have liked to join your merry gathering, but I’ll be enjoying another hard earned german public holiday. I hope the hangover is shorter than the one your blog had.

    Seriously, the adobe SAP relationship is biggie. The muse stuff agassi was on about at Sapphire uses alot of the macromedia and adobe bits, and most of the HR app has been rewritten to exploit the forms tools.

    If you want some real life adobe SAP integration stories talk to Henry, details here. http://theotherthomasotter.wordpress.com/2006/05/18/adobe-and-sap/

    regards from birmingham.

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