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Sun App Server Rebounds Significantly

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Go buy some stock? The evidence is coming together in some interesting ways…. and if Sun’s Java Enterprise System app server has momentum, anything can happen.

Richard Monson-Haefel points to BZ Research market share numbers.

  • 37.2% – IBM Web Sphere
  • 37.0% – JBoss Application Server
  • 27/2% – BEA WebLogic
  • 27.2% – Oracle 8iAS, 9iAS, 10gAS
  • 19.7% – Sun Java Enterprise System

Very nice data point for Sun to use in pointing to uptick at Java One next week. +6% in a year is none too shabby for an "also ran" app server. All that said, the Oracle numbers confuse me a bit – why are they munged together like that?


  1. Those are certainly interesting stats, I really like the IDE Stats 😉

    (Disclaimer: I used to work for Oracle App Server team). I recall in the past there were claims that some adoption studies included applications where Oracle Application Server was embedded (like Oracle Apps) – and hence I think that’s why there is the concious munging of versions there. If it were ever possible, it sure would be neat to see what the actual deployed stats are like (i.e., accounting for ISV and VARS that resell apps with embedded app servers!)

    – Don

  2. I’ve always found it very sad that Sun does so miserable in the app server space. I spent 5 years with their product from 2000-2005 (Netscape App Server, iPlanet, and then SunOne) and didn’t think it was that bad. Anyhow, it never made sense to me why Sun wouldn’t try to push the J2EE servers any harder then they did. Now they ARE an afterthought. Nothing more then the RI for the J2EE spec.


  3. I did not realise that Jboss had that higher market share ,no wonder microsoft is making plans to work with them.

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