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I wish I had Stephen’s clout: on Feedburner, CTO responsiveness and ATOM’s beautiful simplicity

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Yesterday Stephen riffed on something Tim Bray had pointed out– the beautiful simplicity of ATOM’s feed handling, so it "knows" what you already subscribed to through identifiers.

Thus ATOM enables simplicity. This is feed intelligence, the flipside of sloppy is best (sloppy is good, worse is better). Keep it simple stupid is great, but so are specs that save the user time.

Stephen wondered though about ATOM support in our chosen feed management service Feedburner. Within three hours Eric Lunt, Feedburner’s CTO, had posted a response and explained how to toggle ATOM support.

If only all the companies we covered were so responsive… This is not to complain about IT vendors but rather to laud Feedburner’s attention to influencers and users. Some traditional vendors are that responsive. The common thread? These people use aggregators, blogs and tags, the ABT of web conversation agility.

I have a post ready to go this afternoon on the new influencers. So let’s use this as a placeholder. Thanks Eric.

I am just kidding about Stephen’s clout by the way. In my experience pretty much anyone that blogs seriously will get a pretty good response from their web 2.0 services suppliers in the event of a problem. Its wirearchy.

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  1. agreed. the FeedBurner guys, IMO, are among the best in the industry about monitoring feedback from bloggers in all quarters and responding. it’s time well spent; i feel very comfortable w/ them, versus some of our other service providers.

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