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Test Driven SOA: on GreenHat and Legacy as Wine

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What is test-driven Service Oriented Architecture?

You will have to listen to RedMonk Radio episode 6 to find out.

Actually I will be writing something more about the idea soon, but we just got to the podcast first.

I have to admit I am proud of this episode. Cote and me are finding a rhythm – even though I talk too much as usual (thanks Richard!). I like the show because this is clearly an enterprise-focused podcast, but it also still hopefully feels like entertainment. Gonzo analysis, even.

Q: What’s the difference between EAI and ESB?

A: About 40k per CPU…

What is in the podcast? , , , , ,


  1. This was a good one – I loved the 40k crack…

  2. Test driven SOA[1] is a favorite topic of mine too especially the impact Test Driven SOA can have on a governance framework.

    Jim Murphy
    Mindreef, Inc.

    [1] – http://weblog.infoworld.com/udell/2005/12/13.html

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