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Stephen goes to town on Red Hat/JBoss acquisition

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I jotted down a few thoughts the other day but Stephen is the deep thinker on open source business models. So I was pleased when he got another one of his famous Q&As done. Go read it here.

"If one assumes that Red Hat was indeed fixated on the idea of expanding its product portfolio as a vehicle for growth, JBoss becomes the obvious choice. There are other purer support and service businesses they could have consumed, such as Covalent, OpenLogic, SourceLabs, or Spikesource – but JBoss is differentiated from those offerings by its community and the traction it represents."

For those of you that prefer hot podcast action – Stephen had a great session the other day with Steve G for a Gillmor Daily on the deal. Its 26 miutes short, sweet and insightful.

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