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I am outta here. On Farrell and Pepper Vinegar

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Originally uploaded by RedMonk Red.

Its a long weekend in the UK. We have Friday and Monday as bank holidays.

Happy Easter everyone. I am off to spend some time with this guy…

Tomorrow is big fish day: fried snapper, homemade vinegar pepper (pretty darned good if i do say so myself), bun and cheese, and some roast seabass. Jamaican Easter food is money.

If you need to talk to a RedMonker please contact Stephen or Cote


Next week is also pretty busy. I am out of the office on business, coming to Austin, the 19th through the 21st.


  1. Hey, Drooling dad!!
    Cote’s URL is http://www.redmonk.com/cote
    This long haired guys are careless about what they do, …

  2. Travel Dates: Austin, San Diego, and NYC

    As much for myself as anyone, here’s the travel I know about in the next few weeks. While there isn’t always lots of spare time on these trips, I like to think I could carve some out if someone wanted…

  3. Earth to blogospere. How many minutes does it take to be pinged? Who needs cell phones anyway? Nice photo.

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