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The Definitive Proof that Ruby on Rails is enterprise technology

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David may not care, but IBM does.

Antonio Cangiano on the Zen of Ruby.

IF IBM is hiring Ruby skills then Ruby is enterprise. That may seem like circular logic, but the reality is that IBM, more than any other individual or organisation, still defines what is and what is not "enterprise". If IBM is investing in an area, you can be pretty sure its going to be used in enterprise contexts.

If IBM supports it, its enterprisey.

I said something similar about PHP a while ago.

One comment

  1. So, you’re saying that “beeing enterprise” = “being fashionable”?
    Don’t get me wrong, this sure is a great step for Ruby’s popularity but, IBM’s endorsement just proves it’s popular, not that it’s good.
    One thing that IBM can do for Ruby is to put all that experience in documenting and profilling applications to help the entire stack of people to deliver more value using this technology. That would be the kind of commitment from IBM that would lead me to agree with you, until then, it’s just taking advantage of a Fashion.

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