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Big Up Bruce Richardson at AMR: our market is MISO

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Bruce gets this week’s I wish thought of that award.

Apparently at the Sandhill conference (hat tip Vinnie) Mr Richardson coined a phrase to represent the industry’s key ecosystems: Microsoft, IBM, SAP, Oracle (MISO).

This kind of thinking is very RedMonk. I sometimes jokingly say that we may have rename ourselves RedMonk RedWall (Redmond, Armonk, Redwood Shores, Walldorf).

So big up Bruce! I like AMR. That guy Dennis Gaughan rocks.

RedMonk is a MISO watcher.


Thanks very much Yamada3 for the photo. That looks far tastier than the sandwich i just had for lunch.

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  1. Agree with your analysis of Bruce and Dennis, very smart guys.

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