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In which my esteemed colleague has a product release named after him

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I guess having a product release named after you, as with the SOG Release of Feedlounge, is one measure of influence, isn’t it?

Stephen O’Grady is honored with this release. Steve has been with us since our early alpha days and has generously provided invaluable feedback to us in a number of areas. Thanks Steve, hope you like being able to tag things in del.icio.us right from within FeedLounge!

Stephen is going to be chuffed. Anything del.icio.us is OK by him.

You might say Feedlounge is "not enterprise", so who cares about RedMonk influence… but that’s really just a question of who is paying the bill. RedMonk is happy to pay for feed reading productivity enhancements. Even happier to be helping with product direction. Now Feedreader is bidirectional. Its both a reader and a tag declaration engine, which means it not just a reader but a writer too. Publish. And Subscribe. Rinse. And Repeat.

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