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Microsoft competitors take note: You Can Benchmark vs Now

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I had not realised that the status of Microsoft policy with respect to benchmarking had changed, owing to antitrust issues.
Does this mean we can finally see some decent Java versus .NET benchmarks? Probably not…
It would be great if Microsoft would lift the restriction on customers as well now, wouldn’t it Scoble?
So if the benchmark restriction has been lifted, and we’re not seeing any activity yet, does that mean that Microsoft’s competitors don’t have something to prove? I think they do.
System performance is more important than ever. With software as a service, Speed is a Feature Not a Function.
As the boundaries between servers and clients blur, through AJAX and mashup APIs, the need for heavy server performance increases. 
On the enterprise side I am certainly a benchmark value skeptic, but rough comparisons are better than no comparisons.

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