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Who is the most off the wall industry analyst in the business?

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Christopher thinks its Cote.
I think its Steve Gillmor.
ARonaut describes industry analysts as peculiar but doesn’t name names.
What do you think?


  1. are we talking only on Vertical Electornics& Communnication industry ?

  2. This brings up a good question. Is Steve Gillmor an industry analyst or a journalist or what? Do you have to be at an analyst firm to be considered an “industry analyst”?

    It seems the lines are blurring with more and more folks offering up excellent analysis and industry insights, but who are not part of the traditional analyst industry per se.

    Some like Vinnie Mirchandani or Daniel Taylor are ex-analysts, but many others are not. So what is the definition of an industry analyst in this day and age?

  3. That’s a great question John. I asked something similar on another site a few weeks ago and didn’t get much of a response. I’m looking forward to seeing what James’ readers think.

  4. I think it’s James Governor.

  5. Definitely a difference between “pundit”, “impressario”, “egomaniac”, and “analyst”. Analyst is someone you could also hire to do business-level consulting, not just a talking head. Right?

  6. Right Ed. Unfortunately many “official analysts” are more about those other things than about the qualities that would make them useful providers of business-level consulting. But that’s nothing new.

  7. Steve’s a hack isn’t he? He can be as bonkers as he wants as long as ZD Net continue to pay him. (Note to Steve: can we have what you write as a connected thought flow – I really struggle and often think – sounds good but what’s the point here?)

    James tries out different things which makes what he does risky but brave. But is it the same as analysis? I dunno.

    If I can dissect a situation to the satisfaction of whomever is the audience such that it adds some kind of value and provides insight that might otherwise be lost, then am I an analyst? If it floats yer boat then I guess so. But anyone can say that can’t they?

  8. Excentric analysts, that would be a long list -where should we start?

    If we were to limit the competition to EMEA analysts, our top ones would be:

    -airline bitching: Andy Bitterer

    -ego grande: Stratos Sarissamlis

    -ties department: Tony Lock

    -pedantic: Will Cappelli

    -weird humour: Phil Dawson

    -brutal honesty: Laurent Lachal

    -cars and sandals: Phil Payne

    -taking oneself seriously: Pascal Matzke

    -strange hobbies: Geoff Norman

    -Coca-Cola freak: Simon Buckingham

    -forget-me-not: Joyce Becknell

    What do you think?

    Of course, if we were to go across the pond, Colony and Kutnick would feature high-up the list…

  9. Nobody can beat Laurent Laschal for ‘brutal’ honesty!

    Nathaniel Palmer at Delphi? Stories surrounding him are legendary….

    For downright rudeness and arrogance – there are two I can think of one in EMEA and the other for Gartner on the West Coast…

  10. We want names Alan!

  11. I know! But its a small world and I have to live in it 🙂

    Gartner – Simon Hayward (ex Brit) now in San Jose office. He does this thing where he knows perfectly well who you are, or at least knows he has met you before. And looks straight through you as if you aren’t there. Or at briefings will take the attitude that if a Gartner analyst didn’t ask the question, then the question was not asked.

    That said I know some of the AR people love him!

    As for the EMEA one, nope that’s just too close to home 🙂

  12. Where is Laurent these days?

  13. Who can ever forget the ever pompous, eccentric but ultimately bang on right Dennis Keeling? Come on lads – anyone remember the Keeling Awards dinner at the Metroplole Birmingham where the Lawson crew blew raspberries at every gong? I do – I was on the Lawson table imbibing of their bounty.

    BTW – Dennis K is still on the stumps bigging it up for the packaged apps business in the UK and toughing it out with government. Good man.

  14. hey this is a great thread. could turn into my best ever. LOVE the aronaut comments… if that isnt solis analysus and segementation i dont know what is…..

    and i could agree more – i often say “industry are 95% ego to 5% IQ”…. of course that may just be psychological mirroring.

    Interesting comment from david – because i dont remember you commenting on my own blog about what makes an industry analyst

  15. Nice to be mentioned, but I’m almost an ex-analyst. See the site.

  16. Laurant is a great guy! After a brief stint at Gartner he returned to Ovum, where he runs integration (BPM etc).

    But he is harsh – and in my time with Ovum, more than once I called vendors who I knew in advance of a Laurent briefing to warn them, not to bring anyone who was of a delicate disposition.

  17. Dennis, I was actually in that meeting with you and Laurent. Take it from me, he liked you. Other people had it far, far worse when they deserved it.

  18. i met laurent last week. seemed nice enough. i just remember him from when i was a reported as the only analyst to call when you had a question about ojbect databases…

  19. I got my 15 mn of fame… :-))!

  20. yes dennis was pretty full bore there… or should that be full boar…

  21. Dennis, I think my memory is playing trick with me. I was thinking of a meeting Laurent and I had with QAD several years ago, and of course you weren’t there. Sorry for the confusion. Duncan.

  22. By the way, the comment from February 2006 under my name is not by me. I worked for Laurent for a year and will never have any trouble remembering him.

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