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My new favourite Friday blog: ProgrammableWeb

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So here is the home page of ProgrammableWeb.
I specifically recommend the Web 2.0 Mashup Center. [take that! anti-language evolution bigots…]
If you were a last.fm user (and you definitely should be, it will become your best friend for music-listening productivy [and I have made at least one business contact through it]) wouldn’t you like to get suggestions of bands coming to play in your neighbourhood based on the artists you are listening to currently listening to? How about upcomingscrobbler.
That’s data remixing.
I have a feeling ProgrammableWeb could go geometric, a la Michael Arrington’s TechCrunch, which is already an essential destination to check out rapid fire startup action.
Are these feeds services or portals? both feel sticky though. They are feeds that pull you in. Its a wave particle kind of thing – which is interesting. These are maybe the first feeds I subscribe to that I dont keep thinking why i cant i just get all the data in my aggregator. That means the potential of money, because you combine mass distribution with an obvious attention model for advertising or whatever.
John Musser is my new Friday Afternoon hero. Thanks man!

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  1. You’re welcome! Glad I could help improve Friday afternoon 🙂

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