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Blogger: The home of spam blogs and suckage

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So let me get this straight…on Blogger annoyances.
Blogger has the most annoying blog user registration system I have come across, constantly forcing the user to retype details into blogs they regularly visit.
Google’s strategy here is the kind of thing we all like to hammer Microsoft for. Integrated Aggravation. You must have a Google ID.
So the comments registration is evidently pretty heavyweight. It therefore seems contradictory that Blogger evidently is becoming the favoured home of spam blogs. Today my technorati tags sent me a bunch of crap. Thanks Blogger.
So far my evidence is just a quick snapshot, rather than something I have measured. But suffice to say of the spam blogs crudding up technorati for me, Blogger was the source of more than 50% of the total. Some myspace, one WordPress.
Maybe its just me, but to my mind causing pain at registration, and growing the splogosphere faster than anybody else, just ain’t right. So Adwords is open to clickfraud, and now Blogger is emerging as the spam bloggers friend… Come on Google you can surely do better. Why not put some of those geniuses to work solving existing customer problems rather than inventing the future behind the GoogleWall?
Note to Steve Gillmor : I know you love all things Google but RSS doesn’t break spam it just creates new niches for it. Who is going to help fix that?


  1. Indeed, and explain to me also why Blogger doesn’t offer an RSS feed as standard…

  2. Now just why do you think Google is going to deal with spam when nearly all of it is trying to sell you something that I’d bet good money is being paid for by AdWords in the first place.

    GOOG may say ‘Do No Evil’ but look who’s running the shop. Do you ever remember Schmitty being anythning other than a hard assed businessman? And don’t you think he’s got just enough ego to want to beat the crap out of Ballmer?

    Could be a long wait – unless of course this makes it to Tech.me-me-orandum. But hey – let’s give that a go with a few choice links.

  3. Blogger, spam, and why I wrote my first blogging app

    In days of yore, before Donkey was published using movabletype, I wrote an application to publish this blog. Like most of the software I’ve created, it was pretty rubbish, but in fairness, it did support three growing blogs well enough…

  4. I’ve been experiencing Blogger issues of late and so following up from this, what do you think should be the blogging platform of choice? I’m interested in recommendations.

  5. good question aaron. the problem is blogger will continue to generate splogs whatever platform you use. on the other hand – every little helps. what are you looking at? hosted, free? what are your constraints. we use MT. a lot of people swear by WordPress.

  6. I got fed up with Blogger and moved my two blogs to WordPress on my own server. So far the experience is good, though going back and editing old entries can be very slow. That said, it’s better than dealing with the many FTP problems that Blogger has had recently.

  7. Go Daddy has a hosted blogging product called Quick Blog and I’m one of its developers. I think we’ve got a really compelling package and we’re constantly developing.

  8. well thanks bill. but what does that have to do with spam blogs?

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