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Why Sun should hire Jaime Cardoso

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Jaime knows Sun systems environments inside out. He is probably more passionate about Sun technology than anyone I have ever met, including Sun employees, and that is a community which is not exactly known for its ennui. Today Mr Cardoso is wondering what the next challenge is…
When he sent a resume to Sun UK recently the company didn’t even bother to respond. But then – what does HR know? Jaime has implementation and production experience and is a good communicator – that’s not exactly an easy combo to come by. 
Sun may be doing great in Latin America, but what about Spain and Portugal? Language is a great basis for participation. But also a great basis for segmentation. Sun does great in Brazil – so why not double down on Portuguese? Sun already does the Spanish thing, but Portugal is under-represented. 
I suggest Sun hire Jaime. He could win the company some deals, especially with the hardware Sun has coming down the pike. When he sees the stuff John Fowler is working on he is going to go nutso. Maybe John should just create a role for him – as a Network Systems evangelist for Europe. That way he could nail Portugal, but not be constained by it. I know he would also be willing to move to London.
In my opinion Jaime would be an ideal start to help Sun create a Fabulous Team in Portugal.


  1. That’s quite a recommendation. I’ll see if I can help make some connections.

  2. cheers jim. jaime is just a great guy and the cultural fit and knowledge base seem appropriate.

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