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Is XForms the killer app for enterprise AJAX?

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XForms could be very big indeed. Just the thing for AJAX-approaches really. Intalio is jumping in headfirst.
IBM bought PureEdge to get into the XForms space. Adobe is another player. Microsoft has Infopath. This could be very interesting.
So now we have at least three clear use cases for enterprise AJAX – Java app reskinining, and XForms, and mashup servers.


  1. XForms was conceived before AJAX was around. Any AJAX powered claim on XForms would have to rely on features not mentioned in the XForms specification, i.e. through special javascript or proprietary xform actions.

  2. Another good reason why we included XForms in the healthcare and education announcement in October: http://www-128.ibm.com/developerworks/blogs/dw_blog_comments.jspa?blog=384&entry=98140

  3. Don’t forget OpenOffice.org has a great XForms facility – perfect design environment and a good offline handler as well, I gather some ebXML applications use it that way.

  4. I’m not sure that a low level technology like XForms is going to be a “killer app.” XForms are nice, but going forward it’ll be like trying to write desktop GUI’s with Crystal Reports. I think the real AJAX killer app is going to be collaborative spreadsheets ( http://blogs.pathf.com/agileajax/2006/05/collaborative_s.html ).

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