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Who is interested in euromashups?

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So I was listening to the Mint session with one ear, but I am probably more interested in what Europeans are doing, in conversation with Werner. I mean why should a European audience get excited about the old Chicago Crime example – that’s last years news. Why not point to this UK schools meets google maps service?
We’re interested in you – but are you returning the affection?
If you’re interested in mashups and you’re in Europe then why not join this frapper map. That way if we do a euromashup camp, to copy David Berlind, then we know where to hold it, where the most interest is, and so on.
Why wait for Californians to come here and tell us how creative we are, a la Ryan Carson this morning? Lets just get on with it.
why not start using a euromashup tag so we can find each other and each others’ ideas.
Lets face it – in music and fashion Europe is the home of the mashup, a term that originated in Jamaica. So why not tech too?
This Adobe Flex session is very corporate, its as if I suddenly stepped into a different conference. 


  1. Europeans are doing mashups of their own. Tagzania is a native european project.

  2. great. please register on the frappr map as per the post!

  3. How many mashups are being created in Europe per day? The world average is around 3 mashups a day (Feb 2006 data, it must have gone up now. Which are the most popular type of mashups in Europe? Music? Maps?

    Is Uk the forerunner in embracing the mashup phenomenon? What about France and Germany? Are mashups being created there too? Has any person in Europe been able to monetize his mashup yet?

    Please help me in understanding the mashup scene in Europe

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