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On Cisco, IBM, ugly suites and the Carson Web 2.0 show

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Monday I was briefed on Cisco’s new security management products. NDA so more later.
Today I was at IBM, hearing about its storage products and strategy.
What ties the two together? Serious efforts to clean up ungainly portfolios from a repository, UI and management interface perspective. More later on this- IBM has just built what may be its first truly successful Express product for SMBs. But I also have to say it felt pretty weird getting excited about a storage management UI… what kind of sicko am I?
Portfolio rationalisation is the opposite of mashup development. Or is it?
Tomorrow I will be out at the Carson Web 2.0 show in London. Let me know if you’d like to meet up. Expect some live blogging, unlike with IBM today, where as usual the corporate security policy prevents net access for non-employees. Not much collaborative innovation happening there then…
Sometime soon I will get some work done…
RedMonk has some really cool news tomorrow, which I am looking forward to breaking. And no Mr McGovern, we aren’t merging with another firm…

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  1. Hey, shouldn’t you be pre-briefing people on your important announcements.

    Let me guess, your wife is pregnant again and you are adding another member of the Redmonk team. 🙂

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