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Getting Started with Blogs for business: A-listers as whales

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When you read a book and it amazes you with the power of its ideas, or the beauty of the language used, do you ever wish you could talk to the author?
In the blogosphere that happens every single day. Ask the author. Why not?
You can engage with pretty much anyone, even the leviathans, which cut through the bloggy water, feeds pouring out and crashing along the dark and rippling wakes they create… buffetting us, before diving back into the sphere.
Don’t worry – A-listers aren’t monsters. They are just busy, hunting giant squid and stuff, or maybe hiding from Japanese “scientific research” boats or getting stranded in the Thames. 
First read blogs, then write them. Even a whale can be harpooned with a good idea, one you spent time carving and honing, one with a decent hook.
Here are some tools to get you started, according to Ismael from Intalio. Nice list. A fine example of declarative living, filed under “tools you need to get started in RSS”. You would never ask an analyst for a magic quadrant of blogging tools, would you? Not without web-based research first.
Here are a couple of RedMonk primers on the subject: How to Read, How To Write.
Put them together and you get the Read/Write Web. That’s the web that makes business more effective and life more fun, the one where whales swim happily with small fish (I would say plankton but someone would be offended), and talk to them as well and share ideas.
I am probably a brisling. What do you think you are? Are you small enough to get stuck in someone else’s baleen?


  1. By a strange co-incidence, I think I recently came across exactly the right fish to represent my outlook: bleak. ;^)

    (A.k.a. ‘vendace’, or Coregonus albula, a Baltic salt-water fish).


  2. someone told me i was a fatalist recently. its weird becasue i tend to think i am an optimist. but the world is going to hell in a handbasket…. so where does that leave my natural sunny disposition?

    did i remember to say i am a bit bipolar/

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