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monkchips finally makes a top 100 list

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Given that online list-making is a Long Tail phenomenon you would think its relatively easy to get on a list of top whatevers.
If someone created a list of industry analyst bloggers that talk about IBM, Sun and Microsoft a lot then naturally I would expect to be well represented on that list. Unfortunately nobody is compiling such a directory.
Luckily though Strategic Board is using an algorithm that now puts me at number 84 on Top Technology Blogs and News Feeds.
What can I say – its about time. 🙂 Unfortunately I don’t really know much about Stategic Board.
The guy in charge however, dudu, does have some neat thoughts. For example, I like his approach to defining Web 2.0 in terms of the family resemblances between startups in the space:
2) Small teams – One, two or five professionals are enough to do anything that exists today in the Web 2.0 world technically. Maybe not that scalable and not that smooth UI but still it will work.

I also like his idea on raw material, because it ties nicely into my declarative living theme for 2006.

5) Raw material –  The content that is generated by and s creates a growing pool of “raw material” for . Users’ level of interactivity with the web is growing and creates another pool of “raw material” to work with for s.

We might see this raw material as an attention cloud, generated by user declarations. Or we might see in terms of tag gardening. Either way its nice to know that the monkchips URI just got farmed.


  1. Hey James, we’d contemplate doing a European Analyst Blog top 10 but you’re not listed on http://ehlist.ca/show/2844

  2. Excellent! 🙂 It’s also good to see some lesser known but much deserving sites like Drupal’s make it.

  3. Congratulations … and particularly like the note on *raw material*

  4. congrats are well deserved. you get to be on top by doing a great job.

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