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Jason Cherkovas brings a tear: Here is great blues music

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I have been subscribing to Jason’s Down In The Flood for pretty much a year now but I have to admit I had not listened to a single one of the podcasts until today, when I decided to check out the Best of 2005 podcast. The second tune on there is just solidly beautiful. Something about the word sugar cane set up something in back of my throat and in the corner of my eye. Bettye LaVette, huh – that tune is hot.
And oh my–its just getting better. This music is all about joy, or pain, loss and heartbreak, or all of them at the same time. Go listen if you appreciate great American music from the south, jazz, blues and south. Even better Jason is providing a history of this music. So much got washed away this year, capturing the history of this music and the people who made it becomes even more important. After the flood indeed.
Thanks Jason- I will be listening closely in future. A word to the wise: you are likely to enjoy the I Am A Good Woman series… like your own selections its all killer no filler.

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  1. Have you heard any Mississippi John Hurt?

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