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Bloglines is back with a Christmas present: the Service Scales

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Unless I am very much mistaken bloglines has finally nailed the performance issues plaguing the service. Performance was bad enough that Stephen, for example, has been trialing an alternative (Bye For Now Bloglines).
Others are too, if the comments on january one are anything to go by. But I have been soldiering on.
Well, Christmas just came a couple of days early. I just became more productive because the response times for pulling down feeds have improved so much. The difference is stark.
Well done bloglines. Here is to the new datacenter. You might think its proprietary market advantage stuff but it would be great if you provide some public commentary about the hows and whys of the rehosting.
Stephen has been asking about the need for scalability in web services recently. What does scale mean in web service contexts and how do you deliver it?
Bloglines should make itself a case study. The best way to feel my pain is to get rid of it. What I really want to know is whether there some application design changes, or this really is a rehosting boost. If the latter why did it take so darn long!
Typepad and del.icio.us have both problems this week – as tecosystems argues, spotty performance may be the price you pay for free…
Now if the bloglines team could just establish a decent API for offline synchronisation then we’d really be cooking with gas. Finally some credit is probably due to blohglines’ parent company, Ask Jeeves.
Anyway now I want to go back and drink some more from the information torrent. Feeds are so much more fun without the latency. If you dropped bloglines because of performance reasons its time to give it another try.

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  1. i gave it another try, seems to work fine and i don’t get the tracking cookies that ad-aware was killing every minute when i was using google reader.

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