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No Pryor Conviction: we just lost a good man

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The intelligent designer will surely find a nice corner room with a view for Richard Pryor. The positives massively outweigh the negatives, and Richard’s greatest gift, as with so many great comics, was empathy. I would advise you to go read this solid and heart-felt obituary by Jason Chervokas.
TO CALL RICHARD PRYOR the greatest stand-up comic of his generation is just so inadequate a measure of the man, his gifts, his power, his insight, his towering and continuing influence on the whole of American culture that the praise would be funny, if it weren’t so sad. It’s like calling William Shakespeare the greatest Elizabethan playwright.


  1. Consoled by his dog –
    “Whuzza matter, Rich?”
    “My monkeys died.”
    “Your monkeys died? Dats too bad. And I was gonna eat them monkeys, too.”

    RIP Richard.

  2. “I’ve lost my balls, can you help me find them ma’am”

    I’ll miss you to Richard.

  3. It’s a pitty… but well said…

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