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On SOA requires people, Hursley and Indigo’s magic beans

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I posted a response to Microsoft’s Rich Turner over at the mainframeblog. I posted it there because it included a jibe at Hursley.
We know you’re on the road to Indigo, Rich, but service orientation doesnt happen without people. By all means articulate the value of service orientation but don’t make it an attack on competitors who have admitted SOA is hard. That is just another FUD just angle, just as pernicious as any they would use against you.
Don’t ding enterprises for using consultants- what, your customers don’t use Accenture and Avenade or Microsoft Services or HP’s SOA practice or Infosys or Wipro?
Integration and service orientation doesn’t happen by magic except perhaps in Fairy Tales.


  1. In fine punchy form – love it!

    All those vendors who think SOA is easy are certainly not talking to customers – a lot of them are having a hard time with it. People are important because getting SOA right requires a change in behaviour.

  2. Isn’t it so true that (as is rampant in our technology world) we focus on the technology and forget that we need to start with people. This is why I don’t think any company should embark on a new tech initiative without first addressing the people part of change management. -Fred

  3. amen fred. the industry could do with an ITIL-like framework for describing the road to SOA. in IT Service Management at least there is a standardised description of underpinning elements, which also focuses on roles. for SOA to succeed, just as with ITIL, cultural change is essential.

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