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No need to spin off Sony BMG – artist exodus may do it for you

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I argued recently that SONY should break itself up in order to find some relevance in the digital age.
Sure the court cases are bad news- but what about the fact that SONY artist sales are now dropping faster than the temperature outside, according to businessweek (tip of the hat to James Robertson).
Its all about the artist eh SONY?
Never mind your problems in the US though. Its probably a good idea to go to war against privacy in Europe, at the same time as your rootkit shitstorm eh? SONY has some great skills in tracking media useage. Let’s just make the rootkit mandatory in the EU. Good eh? No prospect of a PR disaster there.
I previously argued that telecoms data retention might have a useful role to play in EU law enforcement. Problem is you give an inch and some lobby shysters come and try to take a civil liberty. Conflating the war on terror with the war on piracy is a pathology, folks. I stopped going to Blockbuster when they started putting up huge posters telling me that pirate DVDs supported terrorism…. folks I am in Blockbuster, maybe I am going to pay for my content…
I guess I may be coming around to Suw’s way of thinking. Go to the link to register your concern.
Anyone else think its funny how SONY’s latest TV ad is all about dropping balls?
I argued a while ago we would/should see the death of consumer electronics as a category. I just didn’t expect to see the first scalp so soon. Well SONY is showing just what happens when you treat customers like mindless zombies. Treating its customers, or their PCs, like zombies? Both, of course. 


  1. Thanks for the link – but you’ve linked to the business week story twice 🙂

    Here’s the url:


  2. Sony’s walled garden approach has reached the point where they are spinning off customers faster than they can trap them inside. Massive brand failure before our very eyes.

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