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FEEDblitz: turning blogs into newsletters. an easy monkchips fix.

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I decided to try out FEEDblitz, a service designed to turn blog posts into a newsletter format automagically. Not everyone is a chiclet-head, or knows how to subscribe to a feed.
So now all you need to do is to enter your email address in the field to your left and go through a very simple registration. We will not share your addy with anyone else or use it for any other purpose without your express permission.
FEEDblitz benefited from its relationship with the exceedingly useful feed consolidation service, feedburner, because otherwise I might never have heard of it. It was very easy to set the service up.
On the other hand, when I try and customise the mailer screen it keeps crashing Firefox, so that is not so good. I am going to have to fiddle around with that. All in all though I am glad to introduce a new and easy channel for RedMonk content.
There are others out there that have also had negative experiences.
But the bottom line: as one of my most important customers told me this morning: “it makes life easier for people like me“.
Evidently it does. I only set the service up a couple of days ago and I am already seeing a couple of extra subscribers a day. Cool. It might reduce RedMonk.com passing traffic, but should increase my influence with my core audience. That’s a trade off I am more than happy to make.
On the other hand, for those of you that do want to start subscribing to, and managing, your own RSS and ATOM feeds I would still heartily recommend bloglines. Here is a RedMonk tutorial about getting the most out of the service.


  1. I’ve lurved FeedBlitz for a while now – interesting insights into what people come by and suck up this stuff eh?

  2. haven’t done much analysis yet. but i am picking upa steady stream of subscribers

  3. Hi James:

    Please write me at support at feedblitz.com re the FF issues. As for Angsuman’s post, he and I hooked up after he posted (better late than never) and it turns out that his service provider was largely to blame. He’s blogged about it since here http://blog.taragana.com/index.php/archive/feedster-feedblitz-shines-in-customer-support/ which sets the record straight.


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