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Volvo Truck Production Going CO2 Free

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According to WorldChanging:

The Swedish automaker has announced that its truck manufacturing facility in Tuve will be the world’s first CO2-free automotive plant. All of the factory’s power and heat will come from a combination of wind power and biofuels, coupled with efforts to boost overall power efficiency by 20%. The Tuve facility is the first step in a longer-term effort to convert all Volvo facilities to CO2-free energy. Energy produced in excess of factory needs will be sold to the national grid.

How come companies are more keen on environmental protection than governments?

Generate your own energy, use less of it, and sell the excess… oil guzzler apologists would argue the strategy will make Volvo less competitive..

George Bush morphed into Jimmy Carter this week by suggesting Americans drive less (put on a cardigan George, it must be cold in that airconditioned jet you use for disaster flyovers).

Volvo is evidently 35 years or so ahead in its thinking. What do I say? Well done. Once again Nordics are showing us how to live.

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  1. I am so sick of this hybrid garbage. Super battery garbage. You can charge a car in 4 seconds by changing a battery and my 3 years manages to do that just fine on all his trucks.

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