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Hat Tip To Novell PR: Being More Competitive By Being Less Competitive

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There are a lot of ways that Novell tackle the news its partner JBoss is going to cosy up to Microsoft. This blog from Novell PR though is in my opinion a good way:

Microsoft and JBoss underscored this week the importance of interoperability for customers. You should know that Novell has been a leader in interoperability, helping customers integrate, secure and manage heterogeneous environments — including Windows and JBoss. Novell provides integration with Microsoft environments, including support for Active Directory in our identity management technology, and supports JBoss on Linux. We believe yesterday’s announcement is further evidence that the market clearly seeks this kind of interoperability and supports Novell’s strategy.

By the way, the Novell-JBoss partnership is strong as ever, enabling customers to rapidly deploy joint solutions to solve business-critical challenges. Whether it’s us or someone else, we like it when someone improves interoperability and delivers more freedom of choice for customers.

No sniping, with a clear focus on customer requirements, and the need for interoperability between different platforms. Good work.

To help parse a different approach, from JBoss itself, check out Stephen’s Q&A.

[Of course I can’t claim I don’t ever snipe… in that sense, Marc Fleury and I have something in common]



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