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Lotus finally Starts Showing Not Telling

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Go here if you’re interested in seeing how IBM is converging Office applications with communications in the shape of Workplace. I have been recommending that Lotus offers hosted sandboxes for a while, so this is good to see. Lotus has some cool new tools to show off, and compare with Microsoft equivalents.

Competition with Microsoft continues to heat up but now users can see the goods, instead of just hearing about them. Demos speak louder than words, which is important because IBM is competing against slick new entrants like Zimbra… which offers Skype and Google maps integration before breakfast… On the other hand, Zimbra’s own hosted demo is apparently down for maintenance… screenshots here.

Note to IBM though- why don’t you stick a screencast up there too? And why only three days? Surely a month’s trial would make more sense.

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  1. Well, this is a good question posed to IBM. Since you know Karla from OASIS Committee, why not just give her a call?

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