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On Jeff Jones, IBM AR, and rewriting Powerpoint

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Jeff Jones is an IBM AR guy that has a deep grasp of the underlying technologies he works on. He is also great at building and sustaining relationships and has ideas like this:

 “I would rewrite PowerPoint to allow no more than 10 charts in any presentation”

Right on Jeff. Less slides, like lesscode, is the way to go.

One vendor I talked to recently kept their deck down to 5 slides. They must have read How To Brief Industry Analysts. 😉

I am really liking the blog series from IBM John Simonds jr, where he interviews individuals on the IBM AR team.

I already know, work and like many of these people but I am still gaining insights into their working lives. Thanks John. 

Why does it make sense to do this? Because people are more interesting than companies.

We have richer relationships with people than companies. We learn more from people than companies. Because passion comes from people. And people respond better to passion than bureaucracy (you think?).

Finally – a couple of suggestions:

1. Rather than rewrite Powerpoint you could just ensure that the IBM Information Management team cuts decks down to less than ten slides before they present them to analysts. Ever think of that? 😉

2. Start blogging Mr Jones. Its about time. And while you’re at it, give Boris Bialek a nudge.


  1. Oh yeah – Novell is opening up its PR organisation with some intros as well

  2. I’ve thought from the beginning that Jeff would be one of the best analyst relations bloggers…one reason I did the interview. Keep the pressure on.

  3. What about briefings with NO CHARTS? Like, say roundtables?

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