James Governor's Monkchips

Please take five minutes out for ashes and snow

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and look at these incredible images of people and animals and whales. Even in in an age of flickr induced visual sensory overload these photographs leap out. This is art.

Sensual, haunting, just lovely.

Simon Phipps, Tim Bray, Shelley Powers, Ludovic Le Forestier, you are the photography lovers I know of. Take a look.


  1. i meant people and elephants and whales.

  2. James,

    Good find -they are wicked. I wonder though if an image is more beautiful because you “know” it’s not digitally (or else) altered.


    PS: have you visited the Chiuli exhibition in Kew Gartner?

  3. I saw this exhibit in New York a few months ago when I was there in this huge exhibition space created within “walls” of shipping containers on the Hudson. The photos themselves are likewise huge and printed on these handmade sheets of rough paper. (I will say that as an exhibit, there is a certain sameness to the photographs after a while and a certain New Agey pretentiousness about the whole thing, but it’s impressive nonetheless.

  4. Very cool – thanks for the pointer

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