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On making connnections, Linked in and sometimes you just can’t argue

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I recently had a couple of bottles of wine with Adrian Trenholm, Dwayne Melancon and Chris Morgan. We talked about ethics in the analyst business (no contradiction there, honest), unions in the 21st century, and the software business.

Adrian is a blogger, Dwayne and Chris work at Tripwire, the security exception management company.

Adrian suggested the meetup, acting as a connector. More interesting than the fact the meetup was driven by social tools like linkedin, is that the fact when Adrian blogged on it subsequently, the idea snowball rolled downhill.

Adrian blogged it.

Mark Lloyd picked it up (and he wasn’t even there…)

Dwayne added his two cents worth.

But I guess Rosa Say started it all…

So is it remarkable or business as usual, that we can and do make connections which lead to good company and interactions using social tools? Sometimes its good to step back and say: this really is the beginning of a new world of social relationships. Mavens, connectors and salesmen. Tipping Points are now on steroids. 


  1. Aloha James, thank you for visiting Talking Story and leaving your trackback for me so we can keep yet another connection going!

    As I’ve told Adrian, I’m scheming for the day when I can visit all of you in London and get in on some of that wine myself … so it is wonderful to meet you.
    My aloha to you and to your readers,

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