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Oracle best in the industry for group calendar scheduling

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So says Michael Sampson.

What Oracle has achieved here rocks big time. This is the best implementation of calendaring for enterprise users that I am aware of to date. The Steltor technology is obviously playing a big and important role in making this happen. With respect to internal calendaring, and this being an area that neither Microsoft nor IBM Lotus deal with properly in an age of workspace proliferation, I’d argue strongly that Oracle should be a strong contender in any email migration projects.

I frankly don’t whether or not this is all true but I would like to talk to Oracle about it to find out more.I will also be talking to Michael.

At RedMonk we’re giving a lot of though to how to improve meeting scheduling. Its a nightmare today. What is the best approach? Possibly a service in the sky.

The current approach: email to contacts, Outlook calendar, back and forthing is just the opposite of productivity.

Note Michael talks about rip and replacementAnyone for hula, Stepho

How much much would you be prepared to pay for efficient automated meeting scheduling? Tell Michael – great to see him giving the issue so much thought, helping to fill in RedMonk’s own research into the subject.

I would pay for such a service, no question.


  1. James,
    Thanks for your thoughts here. Yes, for an internal infrastructure, I talked about rip and replace, *IF* (a) calendaring is a huge problem, and (b) you want to embrace collaborative workspaces.

    Agree this has to be a service in the sky for the foreseeable future, since even once CalDAV is finalized, it will take some years for incorporation into products and widespread adoption.

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