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links: SAP wikis, Asian group design blog, complexity kills projects and stuff

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Pimp my rack – great, great, wonderfully dumb idea. IDG, Sun and other sponsors. (via silicon valley sleuth)

English is funny – from Hamish, who also has a great series on how to sell software from a consultants point of view

SAP gets wikis for developers

Inland Revenue  “an ambitious scheme might be fatally undermined by its intrinsic complexity” lesscode.org

UK local council kicks out IBM mainframe, but sticks with Lotus Domino

Microsoft UK’s chief security adviser picks up a rogue net dialler. (In his position I wouldn’t be shouting about it…)

Nidahas, now a new group blog for Asian web design and development.

See how easy it is to work with Sun when its 100% Java? This is a filip for Derby and no mistake.

Ah for the Golden Age of Flying. The 1970s. (thanks Gary Potter)

Microsoft is paying off the german Vista

libelous claims about large corporations is very funny (via andy lark)

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