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Halliburton gets in there first

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I was not in the least bit surprised when I saw my first “Katrina as business opportunity” headline. A useful definition of news though is something unexpected (“man bites dog”), and this story certainly doesn’t count on that score.

Halliburton Subsidiary Taps Contract For Repairs

Good old  Kellogg, Brown & Root.


  1. “Here’s the kicker:

    “In March, the former director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), which is tasked with responding to hurricane disasters, became a lobbyist for KBR. Joe Allbaugh was director of FEMA during the first two years of the Bush administration.”

    Allbaugh also happens to be a former Bush campaign manager and chief of staff. (Halliburton Watch)”

  2. Sorry, forgot the link 🙂

  3. I’m no fan of Halliburton by any means, but my understanding is that in this case the work is being done under terms of a pre-existing contract covering emergency repairs for just such a situation. If true, this appears to be one case where the government actually was prepared in advance.

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