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What happened to IEM’s plan for New Orleans?

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I certainly dont claim to know all the facts but it looks like Innovative Emergency Management, the organization tasked with coming up with a Hurricane plan for New Orleans, hasn’t done the best job. My source was Lenin’s Tomb, so expect a certain bias, but some homework seems to have been done.

What I do know is that recent citation in Insurance Journal now looks unfortunate. 

IEM President and CEO Madhu Beriwal is the recipient of a special merit award from the Louisiana Emergency Preparedness Association ( LEPA ) for her work in New Orleans hurricane emergency preparedness.

The IEM, Inc. web site has this to say.

Virtually all of our corporate efforts are focused on keeping people safe—at home, at work, and on the battlefield. Our clients rely on our science-based solutions to sensitive and complex problems such as: 

  • Identifying areas truly at risk from natural and man-made hazards
  • Communicating risks to the public
  • Measuring how well populations at risk are protected
  • Identifying ways to improve protection
  • Developing and improving response plans

Here is the original contract win press release – dated June 2004.

This isn’t about blame, but accountability.

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  1. A “plan” is as good as the implementation thereof. The good Mayor Nagin and the Honorable Governor Blanco were (and still are) “asleep at the wheel”.

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