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I am a chimp

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Its time to stand up and be counted, as the latest research shows.

I am a chimp. A late stage, third branch chimpanzee, but a cousin to the benobos no less. Those darned scientists keep doing science stuff and undermining god-fearing fans of the scientific method, who argue we were created by God’s intelligent design.

Are you proud to be a chimp?

Its not just Georgie boy that looks like one; we all do.

There is no point arguing rationally with people that believe intelligent design, so why not just take a deep breath and say:

I am a Chimp.

Not a chump, not a champ, just a chimp.

Maybe I need a blog button for that. Would anyone else care to admit they are closely related to chimpanzees?


  1. I really can’t understand the American society. In a time when US is losing it’s technological advantage and are facing fierce competition from Asia, they should be promoting plans to increase the levels of education. Not to increase the levels of muddled thinking. Oh, yes, I am a chimp too!

  2. My name is Bill. I am a chimp. There, I said it, and I feel as though a weight’s been lifted off my shoulders!

  3. well i guess the ball is officially rolling. i couldnt ask you guys to call for more “chimp” volunteers could I?

  4. I am not a chimp, thank you very much. One of my best friends is a monkey and my kids call him Uncle Monkey. I believe I am more of an orangutan but I’d rather be the 900 pound gorilla.

  5. I am a chimp, and I married the gorilla my dreams :-0

  6. my buddy Sam just came over and I asked his 12 year old son if he believed in evolution. he said. hmmmmm…. so i asked if he figured we were descended from monkeys – he said: “yeah sure”

    he then said ages ago the monkeys had a baby with no hair on it. “we’re monkeys with problems”

    how come youngsters are so smart?

  7. wheres the picture of the chimp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. hell yeah i am i chimp. I AM A CHIMPANZEE. and i bet i am a ZOMBIE one at that. my ife has been a series of chimp like experiences and i would like to say to the nation “ARE YOU A CHIMPANZEE, I KNOW I AM.”

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